The Honour Avenues plaques database contains records of plaques that honour fallen service personnel killed during war service. They are located on May Drive, Lovekin Drive and Marri Walk in Kings Park. Plaques located elsewhere in Kings Park, such as along Fraser Avenue, are not included here.

The following tips and disclaimers aim to help you in navigating the database and getting the best search results.


Please be mindful that:

  • The database represents current plaque information and is kindly provided to the Botanic Gardens and Parks Authority with permission from the Honour Avenues Group. Extensive research occurred at the time of each dedication. It may not correspond exactly with other sources presently available. Discrepancies will be highlighted and may be amended in due course.
  • Plaque locations are subject to movement, generally to place relatives or 'brothers-in-arms' together. GPS locations are accurate within approximately 10m.
  • Plaques are sometimes removed for maintenance purposes. Please contact the Honour Avenues Group if you cannot locate the plaque you are seeking.
  • The database will be regularly updated over time and only records accessed via this website should be considered an accurate representation of the Kings Park Honour Avenue plaques.

Search tips

To search for a person, enter text in the search field such as surname, first name, service number or plaque number. Search results are sorted by surname in alphabetical order. Searching by service number or plaque number will return exact match records only.

Additional search tools are available to narrow your search, including rank, unit and cause of death. Once you have narrowed your search, each listing provides further details including plaque image and location.

Google streetview provides the opportunity to view most plaques in situ.

To find your way to the plaque enter the origin address in the 'Get directions' field. Get directions from your current location by clicking on the red marker on the map to take you to Google Maps (location services must be enabled on your device).

The Kings Park Honour Avenues location map may also be useful in finding your way, noting that the map offers broad locations only that are subject to change.


Last known rank of each person. The column may contain appointments and ranks depending on the information historically available. Abbreviations used by the Honour Avenues Group are expanded by tooltip and within individual records. Appointment is defined as a title, designation or name given to Army personnel to describe their position or function other than their rank, e.g. Appointment: CQMS (Company Quarter Master Sergeant); Rank: WO2 (Warrant Officer Class 2).
Names of service personnel, provided in the format of 'Surname, First name (Also known as)'.
Service number
Known military service numbers for service personnel. Officers who do not have service numbers are simply tagged as 'Officer'.
Last known unit of each person. Abbreviations used by the Honour Avenues Group are expanded by tooltip and within individual records.
Cause of death
Known cause of death is provided and follows these broad military definitions:
  • Died of Illness (DOIL) - Died from an illness, other than physical injury or wounds, contracted while on war service.
  • Died of Injuries (DOIN) - Died from physical injury, other than illness or battle wounds, sustained while on war service.
  • Died of Wounds (DOW) - Died subsequently from the result of wounds received while in action with the enemy.
  • Died as Prisoner of War (DPOW) - Died while held by the enemy in captivity.
  • Killed in Action (KIA) - Killed while in direct action with the enemy.
  • Killed on Service (KOS) - Killed while in an operational area but not in direct action with the enemy.
Place of death
Known place of death of service personnel, where location names follow current country boundaries.
Date of death
Known date of death of service personnel.
Known age at death of service personnel.
Plaque number
A number issued by the Honour Avenues Group for maintenance purposes. The letters at the beginning indicate the location of the plaque;  'M' refers to May Drive, 'L' refers to Lovekin Drive and 'MW' refers to Marri Walk. An A or B after the number, e.g. L92A, indicates that two or more plaques are co-located at the same tree; this indicates that a relationship exists between the service personnel, either as a relative or 'brothers-in-arms'. A location marker symbol next to the plaque number indicates that a GPS location is available for the plaque; plaques that have been temporarily removed will not have a location marker.
Dedicated by
The person or group who dedicated the plaque and / or the date which the dedication ceremony occured.

Further information

Biographies are provided for some of the service personnel based on records held and maintained by the Honour Avenues Group. If you would like to further your research on a particular serviceman or woman, information may be available from the following online resources:

For further information contact the Honour Avenues Group.


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