Kings Park's Honour Avenues are dedicated to over 1800 servicemen and women who died during war service. The database provides a representation of the information on the plaques and aims to assist visitors to locate specific plaques in the park.

To search for a person, enter text in the search field such as surname, first name, service number or plaque number. Additional search tools are available to narrow your search, including rank, unit and cause of death. Tips and Disclaimers will help with your search and results.

Please contact the Honour Avenues Group for further information.

1830 records found

Plaque number Rank Name Service number Unit Cause of death Date of death
L297 PTE Blechynden, Leslie Service number: 2882 Unit: 48 Bn DOWDied of Wounds on 01/07/1917
MW73A LSGT Blewett, Cecil Service number: WX8159 Unit: 2/6 Fd Pk Coy DPOWDied as Prisoner of War on 23/03/1945
M487 SGT Blick, Percival Service number: 893 Unit: 44 Bn KIAKilled in Action on 29/09/1918
M290 PTE Blunt, Vivian Service number: WX38797 Unit: 2/48 Bn KIAKilled in Action on 15/06/1945
M380 PTE Blyth, John Service number: 943 Unit: 8 MTM Bty DOILDied of Illness on 24/02/1919
L358A LT Blythe, Percy Service number: 3457 Unit: 28 Bn KIAKilled in Action on 10/06/1918
M134 CPL Blythe-Brook, James Service number: 3019 Unit: 28 Bn KIAKilled in Action on 28/07/1916
L399 PTE Bodkin, James Service number: 3255 Unit: 9 Light Horse DOWDied of Wounds on 01/11/1917
L279 FO Bogle, Charles Service number: 427289 Unit: RAAF Att 90 Sqn RAF KIAKilled in Action on 13/08/1944
M361A SGT Bolton, Percy Service number: 1577 Unit: 16 Bn KIAKilled in Action on 09/05/1915
M237 LT Bond, Alfred Service number: 8 Unit: 44 Bn DOWDied of Wounds on 12/10/1917
L213 PTE Bonds, Ernest Service number: WX11691 Unit: 6 Div Sigs DOILDied of Illness on 12/01/1945
M502 CAPT Bone, Thomas Service number: Officer Unit: 44 Bn KIAKilled in Action on 04/10/1917
M735 PTE Bonsey, William Service number: 4076 Unit: 28 Bn KIAKilled in Action on 05/11/1916
M653 PTE Booker, Frederick Service number: 3126 Unit: 51 Bn KIAKilled in Action on 24/04/1918
M412 PTE Boothby, Albert Service number: 2350 Unit: 28 Bn KIAKilled in Action on 05/08/1916
M233A OS Boreham, William Service number: 23825 Unit: HMAS Perth KIAKilled in Action on 01/03/1942
L139 LT Bosworth, George Service number: WX16007 Unit: Z Aust Spec Unit KIAKilled in Action on 11/04/1945
M161A PTE Bounsell, William Service number: 1982 Unit: 16 Bn KIAKilled in Action on 08/08/1915
M163 PTE Bourke, John Service number: 885 Unit: 32 Bn KIAKilled in Action on 20/07/1916
M373 LT Boutcher, Henry Service number: 875 Unit: 44 Bn DOWDied of Wounds on 21/04/1918
M630 PTE Bowers, Harry Service number: 5674 Unit: 16 Bn DOILDied of Illness on 21/02/1919
L100 FO Bown, Leslie Service number: 406094 Unit: RAAF 460 Sqn KIAKilled in Action on 28/04/1944
M63 LT Bowra, Frederick Service number: Officer Unit: 4 Fd Coy Engrs KIAKilled in Action on 29/10/1915
MW35A OS Bowron, Lawrence Service number: F3740 Unit: HMAS Canberra KIAKilled in Action on 09/08/1942
MW52A PTE Boxhorn, Kenneth Service number: WX12478 Unit: 2/6 Fd Pk Coy DPOWDied as Prisoner of War on 17/05/1945
L72 PTE Brackenridge, Douglas Service number: 4759 Unit: 48 Bn KIAKilled in Action on 06/08/1916
M508 PTE Brady, Edgar Service number: 709 Unit: 10 LH KIAKilled in Action on 07/08/1915
M508A PTE Brady, Ernest Service number: 2105 Unit: 28 Bn DOWDied of Wounds on 03/03/1917
M525B PTE Brandt, Peter Service number: 1891 Unit: 51 Bn KIAKilled in Action on 10/06/1917


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