Visit the secret garden hidden in Roe Gardens.


The Place of Reflection is an enchanting and atmospheric but lesser known garden area at the most southern end of the Western Australian Botanic Garden.

Tree ferns flourish in this cool and shady environment creating the lush feel of the cool temperate forest regions of eastern Australia.

One of the first things you will notice as you meander along the shady pathways, is the feeling of tranquility and immersion in a special place ... a secret place perhaps where you might surprise a bush fairy or goblin or two!

At the end of the pathway the garden gives way to spectacular views of the Swan and Canning Rivers and the Darling Range beyond.


The Place of Reflection is an enchanting and atmospheric but lesser known garden area.View image slideshow

Look out for these ‘hidden treasures’ in the Place of Reflection:

  1. There are 25 words and three phrases engraved in bronze and embedded along the loop pathway. How many can you find?
  2. Bottle trees with their thick round trunks and spindly branches. What do you think might be inside those trunks?
  3. Cooper tree ferns have 'hairy' fronds that slowly uncurl and grow into an exquisite new leaf. Do you wonder how long it takes the frond to uncurl?
  4. The elkhorn and staghorn ferns are closely related. These amazing plants are epiphytes otherwise known as air plants as they grow without soil. How amazing is that! Can you find them hidden in the forest garden?
  5. Large leaves of the Illawarra flame tree or dinosaur footprints perhaps?
  6. The beautiful filigree archway that leads you to a quiet and peaceful place to sit. What can you see? Can you hear the birds? Does it help you to feel happy and peaceful?
  7. The hollow high up in the tall tuart tree. I wonder what might live in there?
  8. The stem fruit tree. It has fruit that grows straight out of the trunk … how weird and wonderful is that! Can you see the clusters of small fruits?

Don't forget to check out the slideshow for some clues.

Create your own secret garden at home

Do you have a space somewhere outside at your place that you can use to create a special little garden just for you and some miniature friends? Or maybe you could use a pot or old container to create a new special place.

My secret garden – dino land.View image slideshow

What you need:

  • A garden space (don’t forget to ask first!) or a container such as a pot, old saucepan or bucket
  • Dirt
  • Natural materials for example leaves, sticks, pebbles or rocks and feathers
  • Plants for example succulent cuttings or seeds
  • Recycled items. You can reuse a milk lid for a miniature pond
  • Miniature friends and decorations like small toys or gemstones
  • Water
  • A trowel

How to make your garden:

  1. Find a space in your backyard to make your secret garden or use your container filled with dirt, leaving some space at the top.
  2. Decorate with natural materials. You might like to make a little house or hidey-hole out of sticks or rocks.
  3. Add some plants. Do you have any succulent cuttings to add to your secret garden? Or you could sow some wildflower seeds so your garden can grow.
  4. You could use a milk bottle top turned upside down to make a little pond.
  5. Once your garden is finished you can add some decorations and miniature friends.

Tips: make sure you check out the slideshow above for reference images.

Calling all budding scientists

If you like exploring your garden for hidden surprises (like insects and plants), you can get involved in the Backyard Biodiversity Blitz.

For more citizen science projects check out the Australian Citizen Science Association website.

Share with us

We would love to see your photos either exploring the Place of Reflection or creating your own secret garden.

Share your photos to the Kings Park Home Delivery Facebook group or use the hashtag #KingsParkHomeDelivery on Instagram.

The word ‘reflection’ embedded in the pathwayLarge bottle tree.Cooper tree ferns.Staghorn and elkhorn ferns.Illawarra flame tree leaves or dinosaur footprints?Sanctuary beckons at the end of the filigree archwayTuart tree hollow.Stem fruit fig tree with figs.

My secret succulent garden.My secret garden - fairy hollow.My secret garden – banksia forest.My secret garden - pink everlasting forest.


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