Explore bushland tracks in Kings Park.


Kings Park bushland. Photo: J. Mansell-Fletcher.

Did you know Kings Park bushland is a vital habitat, providing a green corridor for local birds and invertebrates to move through Perth’s urban environment? There are 326 species of local native plants growing in Kings Park’s banksia and sheoak dominated woodland, over 70 bird species, 20 reptile species and hundreds of different invertebrates.

One of our favourite things to do in Kings Park bushland is to find a quiet place to enjoy the experience. What will you see, hear or smell today? Each visit is different as the environment changes in response to the seasons, weather events and the activities of the animals who live there.

Check out these fun resources:

There are many bushland tracks in Kings Park to explore. We have created a new 'Terrific Track' on StoryMaps which you can access through your phone to help you get started.


There are lots of 'hidden' pathways in the Kings Park bushland. These terrific tracks, known only to a few are now easy to explore with Story Maps. Hear from our experts and discover the incredible diversity of the plants and animals that call this place home.

This track is part of the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions’ StoryMaps, helping you to discover amazing places right across Western Australia.

Start point: Lotterywest Family Area

Track length: 2.2 km

Duration: 40 minutes

Follow our Terrific Track on StoryMaps

Wildflower craft

Make a wildflower inspired display at home with pink everlastings, native hibiscus and Swan River daisies using patty pans, pipe cleaners and sticks.Swan River DasiesView image slideshow

What you need:

  • Patty pans (we used pink, white, yellow for the pink everlastings and blue, yellow and white for the native hibiscus and Swan River daisies)
  • Pipe cleaners for the stems
  • Scissors
  • Sticks of different heights to display paper flowers in a vase or container
  • Vase or container

How to make your flowers:

  1. Place three or more patty pans on top of each other and cut out petal shapes (refer to the slideshow for guidance).
  2. Place two or more patty pans and cut out circle shape for the centre part.
  3. Once cut, separate the cut layers. Lay each one on top of the other but not aligned to create different layers.
  4. Place the circle part on top of the petal cut outs.
  5. Get your scissors and poke out two holes in the centre.
  6. Get a pipe cleaner and feed through both holes and gently wind together on the other side to make the top of the flower stem.
  7. Once you have repeated the steps above for the different coloured flowers, take your sticks and wind the paper flowers pipe cleaner stems around each stick to give them structure in the vase.

If you would like to plant a real native plant at home check out Kings Park’s gardening tips.

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Native hibiscus (Alyogyne huegelii)Pink everlastings (Rhodanthe chlorocephala)Cut out petal and centre shapesOnce cut, separate the cut layers. Lay each one on top but not aligned to create different layers.Place the circle part on top of the petal cut outs.Get a pipe cleaner and feed through both holes and gently wind together on the other side to make the top of the flower.Wind the paper flowers pipe cleaner stems around each stick


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Bold Park access disruption

A section of the Bridle Trail in Bold Park will be closed from the 12 May to 17 May 2021 due to maintenance works.

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Ivey Watson Playground will be closed from early June to late July 2021 to facilitate the Stickybeaks Cafe and Ivey Watson Playground upgrade works.

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Stickybeaks Cafe will soon feature a revamped exterior to offer Kings Park visitors an improved al fresco dining experience.

New pavilion for Kings Park

Construction of a new pavilion and small stage at Kings Park and Botanic Garden’s Exhibition Lawn will begin next month.

Controlled fire planned for Kings Park

As part of a long-term research project, a controlled fire is planned to take place in Kings Park on one day between late April and mid May 2021.

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