Be a plant detective!

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Let’s explore the plants in your garden:

  • Count how many trees you have in your garden.

  • Are any plants flowering? What colours and shapes are the flowers?

  • Do you know what type of plants you have in your garden? Are they native plants like a eucalyptus tree or banksia, ornamental like a rose, or edible plants like fruit and vegetables?

  • Investigate signs of wildlife using the plants in your garden. You may see some animals in your garden like birds, bobtail lizards or insects, but for animals that are harder to find, we can look for evidence. Can you see nests or webs, feathers or skins, leaves or seed pods that have been nibbled? Even poo is a clue!

  • Using your evidence, determine what types of animals visit your garden.

  • Think about and research online the types of plants you would like to add to your garden. Why would you like to add these plants to your garden?

Snail mail delivery – pink everlasting seeds

Did you sign up to receive your pink everlasting seeds via Snail Mail?

If your seeds have arrived, follow the instructions on the packet and get ready for beautiful spring wildflowers in your own garden.

You can also view the ‘How to grow perfect pink everlastings’ video on the Kings Park and Botanic Garden YouTube channel.

Watch Activity 14 video on YouTube

Share with us

We would love to hear about your garden! Send us a picture of your favourite plant and garden animal (or the evidence ... come on, let’s see your poo!)

Please share a photo or video with us via our social media pages #KingsParkHomeDelivery.

Here we have some clear evidence of a Red-tailed black cockatoo!


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