Grow something amazing! 

It's always fun to grow plants in your own garden.View image slideshow

Did you receive some pink everlasting seeds from us by snail mail? Have a go at growing those at home! Our team have a great video on Kings Park and Botanic Garden’s YouTube channel about this – check it out now! 

If you didn’t do snail mail, why don't you try to save the seeds and vegetable tops from your food scraps and see if you can make them grow? 

What to do:

  • Srep 1: Collect the seeds from food you eat like tomatoes, apples and pumpkins.  

  • Step 2: Plant them in the ground or in a pot, give them some water and then see what grows! 

  • Step 3: Cut the tops off a carrot or celery, pop them in a container of cotton wool and water; and watch them grow roots. After the roots appear, plant them in the ground and wait for them to sprout! 

  • Step 4: Stake your avocado seeds with some skewers, hang the seed and skewers over a jar of water and wait for it to sprout! Then plant it in the ground. 

Another cool tip - place a celery stalk in a glass of water with food colouring. Tell us what happens! 

Seed sticks:

Make your own seed stick labels to place next to your seeds in the garden. It will help you remember what you planted and where! Check out the slideshow above for inspiration!

  • Step 1: Find a pop stick, stick or cut a strip of cardboard.

  • Step 2: Draw a vegetable or fruit that you have planted in your garden on a piece of card. 

  • Step 3: Colour your picture with pencils or texters. 

  • Step 4: Paint your picture with a layer of glue and let it dry. This will seal the card and help protect it from moisture.  

  • Step 5: Glue or tape your drawing to your stick.

  • Step 6: Place it next to where you planted your seeds to remind you of what you planted.


  • If you use texters to colour your seed stick, make sure also paint it with glue to seal it. Texters can smudge when they get wet.

Watch Activity 17 video on YouTube

Share with us

We would love to see your seed sticks, food scrap veggies and garden beds!  

Please share your activity with us on the Kings Park Home Delivery Facebook group or or via our social media pages using the hashtag #KingsParkHomeDelivery.

Avocado seedMake your own seed stick labels to place next to your seeds in the garden.


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