Do you like dragonflies?

Make your own Zippy dragonfly at home View image slideshow

Have you seen one before?

Maybe you've seen a dragonfly at your home?

There are lots of dragonflies that live in Rio Tinto Naturescape Kings Park. Zippy is one of the blue dragonflies who zips and zooms around Naturescape on sunny days having lots of fun with his bushland friends.

Round and round the Park flew

Zippy the Dragonfly,

watching, listening

zip, zippity fly!

Can you make your own Zippy dragonfly at home?

Cut and colour:

Use our template to cut out and colour in your own Zippy: pdfMy Zippy Template198.74 KB

Why not try gluing him to a stick so you can help him zoom around?

Make and create:

Make your own Zippy from things you find at home - check out the slideshow above for inspiration.

  1. Dragonflies have two large eyes on their head, four wings, a long narrow body, six legs and two antennae.

  2. Collect natural or recycled materials like sticks, bark, tree nuts, leaves, plastic lids or cardboard to make your dragonfly.

  3. You can use glue, twine or even sticky tape to stick your Zippy together.

  4. Use some string to hang him from a stick so you can help him zoom around.

Look out for more Zippy stories and activities coming soon!

Share with us

We would love to see your Zippy dragonflies!

Share your photos to the Kings Park Home Delivery Facebook group or use the hashtag #KingsParkHomeDelivery on Instagram.

Join us for more Zippy’s Kings Park Adventures in the coming weeks.

How beautiful is this dragonfly! A1 zippy recycled blueHow about this cutie - look, he wants to play with you!A colourful ZippyHelp your Zippy to zoom around and find new friends.


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