This is a Kings Park story about a game of hide and seek.

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How did you go with making your own Nyinny Kulbardi and nest? You should now have your own Zippy and Nyinny Kulbardi – how cool!

In today’s Zippy story, Zippy and his bushland friends play hide and seek.

Listen to this Kings Park story written by Nandi and Charlotte and narrated by Louise and then have a go at our fun activity below!

Audio transcript

Go on an animal hunt!

What animals live around your house?

Small animals including spiders, insects and lizards are good at hiding.  They hide to protect themselves from being eaten!

Can you go on an animal hunt? You will need to be very quiet and look very carefully.  Take an adult or grab your big brother or sister to help.

How many different types of animals can you find? Do you have birds in your yard? What about lizards who love to sun themselves on rocks and fences?

Have you got spiders with eight legs and spinning webs to catch their dinner?

Or six legged insects running here, there and everywhere?

Make your own binoculars to take on your animal hunt, from things you find at home.

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What to do:

  1. Collect two empty paper towel cardboard rolls. You can also use cling wrap or aluminium cardboard rolls.
  2. Use scissors to cut the rolls to the length you want them. They both need to be the same length.
  3. Use sticky tape to hold the two cardboard rolls together in the shape of a pair of binoculars.
  4. Decorate your binoculars either by drawing pictures on them with texters or crayons. Or you could glue on some natural materials like leaves, nuts and sticks.
  5. Take your binoculars outside. What can you see?
  6. Draw a picture of one of the animals you find.

Share with us

We would love to see your drawings!

Share your photos to the Kings Park Home Delivery Facebook group or use the hashtag #KingsParkHomeDelivery on Instagram.

Join us for more Zippy’s Kings Park Adventures in the coming weeks.

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Two empty paper towel cardboard rollsCut the rolls to the length you want themSticky tape and cardboard rollsTape rolls well together in a shape of binoculars


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