March takes us to the heart of the Western Australian Botanic Garden to explore the Artistic Centrepiece of the garden.

The cool oasis of the Pioneer Women’s Memorial and Water Garden is a perfect spot in the hot weather.

Art and Nature: A Feminine Touch

Art and nature make graceful partners in this green and tranquil spot. Artworks created by Western Australian women complement a landscape that portrays a Darling Range waterway.

The rolling green carpet of lawn gives way to a celebration of the contribution of Western Australian women to society.

The most striking artwork that greets you as you enter the precinct is the lady in the lake, holding a small child - the Pioneer Women’s Memorial. This sculpture was created by acclaimed local sculptor Margaret Priest and commemorates the pioneer women of Western Australia. It symbolises their courage, strength and tenderness – mother and child making their way through the wilderness (the fountains) towards their future. You may notice that the woman does not directly face the entrance point of the area – this was to symbolise a mark of modesty.

Artists Coral Lowry and Holly Story provide more beautiful artwork to explore as you follow the quiet paths around the Water Garden. Their works signify life, strength of heart, renewal and leadership.

The water garden was officially opened in 1968 and refurbished in 1999.

March 2015 Anniversary Adventures map

Things to do and find

The map shows the location of the Water Garden within the Western Australian Botanic Garden and highlights key features. You may like to:

  • Have a picnic in the shade of a peppermint tree (Agonis flexuosa) and make friends with the inquisitive ducks.
  • Enjoy the fountains at the Pioneer Women’s Memorial. How long does the fountain show go for? Have a guess at how high is the fountain spray is.
  • Learn about the life cycle of the motorbike frog as you walk through the Water Garden.
  • Listen to the rush of water, watch the dragonflies and search for tadpoles or frogs.
  • Follow the brass plaques embedded in the paths, which celebrate the many women’s organisations that have made significant contributions in Western Australia.
  • Take a seat in the Water Garden Pavilion, enjoy the surroundings and take a moment to reflect on the role of women in our community and your own life – past, present and future.

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