May takes us to the furthest reaches of the WA Botanic Garden to the Roe Gardens where the Place of Reflection can be found.

Place of Reflection

Showcasing one of the most picturesque views of the Western Australian Botanic Garden, the Place of Reflection is a sanctuary where people can take a quiet moment for contemplation. One of the first things you will notice as you meander along the shady pathways is the feeling of immersion in the surrounding bushland and views to the river and Darling Range.

It's not just the views that make this area special. Here you will find a collection of flora from Eastern Australia. A magnificent Queensland Bottle Tree (Brachychiton rupestris), named for the distinct bottle-like shape of its trunk, stands like a sentry at the entry point to the Place of Reflection. Donated from an Attadale home, it is thought to be over 70 years old. Younger bottle trees keep it company nearby.

Journey further into the Place of Reflection and you will come across mysterious epiphytic ferns which grow on the trunks of trees. The staghorn ferns (Platycerium bifurcatum), and Coopers tree ferns (Cyathea cooperi) flourish in this cool and shady environment, creating the lush feel of the cool temperate forest regions of Eastern Australia.

Secluded seating pods and the intricate Marlee Pavilion invite you to rest and admire the views. All the timber in these structures has been recycled from the former Perry Lakes Stadium, continuing to serve the community well in its new location.

   May 2015 Anniversary Adventures map

Things to do and find

  • Read the entry sign to understand why the Place of Reflection was created in 2011.
  • Follow the wording embedded in the footpath. Think about how each of these words applies to your life.
  • Look at the delicate filigree screens – can you identify the Eucalypt species portrayed in the artwork?
  • Spot the epiphytic staghorn ferns. How many can you see?
  • Admire the collection of Eastern Australian banksias.
  • Listen to the calls of the many varieties of birdlife. How many different birds can you hear?

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