July takes you on a celebration of Federation - a journey through the treetops and along the Lotterywest Federation Walkway.

Lotterywest Federation Walkway

Quite often the beauty and significance of an area is understood once you can see things from a distance.

Starting south of the Forrest Roundabout, spend a moment appreciating the marble mosaic in the path. This is your starting point and features two young Tuart leaves (Eucalyptus gomphocephala). As you take the journey, you may notice the cast iron inlays in the footpath, signifying the converging of two cultures, the Indigenous and the European, to become a Federation.

Commence your adventure by following the pathway towards the mighty Boab Tree (Gija Jumulu), taking a moment to enjoy the emerging wildflowers from the Mulga, Desert and Kimberley regions on display. Once you have been amazed by the Boab and the stunning views from the Two-Rivers Lookout, follow the path past the Conservation, Boronia and Verticordia Gardens. You will soon become immersed in the serenity of the Western Australian Botanic Garden.

Follow the path and you will arrive at the Mount Eliza lookout. Admire the views of the Swan River and the Perth CBD.

Moving along, you will reach the entry to the elevated Walkway, where the steel mesh surface allows you to see the world beneath your feet as you progress towards the peak. The crest of the bridge is an ideal viewing point and photo opportunity.

Once you have taken the time to soak in all that the walkway has to offer, make the descent, and follow the pathway towards Beedawong, a Nyoongar meeting place. Your journey has now come to an end and you are in the heart of the Western Australian Botanic Garden.

    July 2015 Anniversary Adventures map

Things to do and find

  • Take a detour along Law Walk. Look at the towering pylons that support the bridge. Can you see any artwork on these structures?
  • While making the journey through the Federation Walkway, don’t forget to look up! Owls have been sighted amongst the trees having a cheeky nap while they wait for dusk.
  • At certain times of day you may be able to see pretty patterns from the mesh grid surface of the walkway shadowed on the paths below.

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