Our final Anniversary Adventure takes us through the WA Botanic Garden's beautiful sandplain displays.

Beginning at Roe Gardens, your journey includes the Kwongan displays, as well as the rugged Wheatbelt region. Along the way, look out for Kangaroo Paws in bloom and the largest flowering Eucalypt - the Mottlecah.

Sensational Sandplains

When the weather heats up, it's a common misconception that gardens become hot, dry and unwelcoming; destined to resemble a desert until the cooling rains of autumn. Not true. December is the perfect time to enjoy the Western Australian Botanic Garden's sensational sandplains!

Starting at Roe Gardens, next to the Place of Reflection, you will come across garden beds which display one of the most diverse ranges of Western Australian flora, showcasing the beauty from locations such as Mount Lesueur, recognised for its extensive biodiversity. You will notice the vegetation in the area comprises low, heath-like shrubs and herbaceous plants with few trees. This is representative of the typical Kwongan vegetation of Western Australia.

You may wish to meander through the garden beds, following the sandy pathways to immerse yourself in the sandplain experience. Pileanthus species (Coppercups), Conospermum species (Smokebush), Verticordia species (Featherflowers), Anigozanthos species (Kangaroo Paws), and the largest flowering Eucalypt, Eucalyptus macrocarpa (Mottlecahs) are all on display in this part of the Western Australian Botanic Garden, even when the sun starts to beat down in the hottest part of the day.

Now follow the beds north along Forrest Drive and discover other sandplain flora that grows within the wider Wheatbelt region of Western Australia. As you come closer to the DNA Tower and the end of the Wheatbelt gardens, you can loop back around to experience the journey on the far side of the beds away from the roadside. Alternatively, from here you can visit the DNA tower, take time to view the Firefighters' Memorial, or stay in the Botanic Garden and cool down near the Pioneer Women's Memorial fountain.

December 2015 Anniversary Adventures map

Things to do and find

  • The Roe Gardens precinct is where the original opening ceremony for the Western Australian Botanic Garden was held. This is a perfect opportunity to reflect on the 50th Anniversary.
  • On your journey through Roe Gardens, you can marvel at the many different plants at their showy best, including Eucalyptus beardiana, named after the first director of the former Kings Park Board and Conospermum wycherleyi, named after its second director.
  • Admire the view - this is the ideal vantage point to see bushland, Mount Eliza escarpment, the Swan River, the city and the Darling Range.
  • If you are feeling energetic, why not combine the collection of Anniversary Adventures together and explore all of the areas of the WA Botanic Garden which have been featured throughout the year!

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