Kings Park and Botanic Garden is in the heart of Perth city and easy to get to by private vehicle or public transport. There are multiple entry points along main roads. Once in Kings Park, there are various options to get around and plenty of visitor carparks.

Public transport

The Botanic Gardens and Parks Authority actively supports Travelsmart methods of travelling. Located just 1.5km from Perth CBD, Kings Park and Botanic Garden is readily accessible by public transport. Transperth bus route 935 travels from St Georges Terrace right into the heart of the Park at the Fraser Avenue Precinct, free travel from the city. The Blue Cat bus travels between Perth Busport and Kings Park, via Perth Station and Elizabeth Quay Bus Station.

There are a number of public transport options depending on your starting point and individual needs. Visit the Transperth website or call 13 62 13 for more information.

Scenic tours

Private scenic tours are also conducted in Kings Park and Botanic Garden, some of which begin in Perth city. Perth Explorer Bus operates a hop on / hop off Kings Park Bus Tour that features Fraser Avenue, Roe Gardens and May Drive Parklands. The Kings Park Tour can be purchased individually or as part of a larger tour that covers the sights of Perth.

Experience uninterrupted panoramic, birds' eye views of the Swan River, Perth City and Kings Park and Botanic Garden with interesting commentary provided along the way.


Kings Park and Botanic Garden welcomes nearly six million people each year and every effort is made to ensure free, convenient parking. During fine weekends and on special events, traffic can be very busy so please be patient and courteous. Visitors are urged to allow adequate time to reach their destination, especially if attending a function or event. Please observe speed limits and adhere to traffic signs.

Speed limits

Speed restrictions of 20 kilometers per hour (km/h) in children’s play areas and near the State War Memorial, and 40 km/h through the rest of the park are enforced for visitor safety.

Learner drivers

Learner drivers are not permitted to drive vehicles within Kings Park.


Kings Park provides free parking only for those visitors within the park boundaries. Visitors are not permitted to park their vehicle in Kings Park and then leave Kings Park boundaries by any other means (on foot, by bus or in another vehicle). Note: Jacob's Ladder is not within the Kings Park boundary, it is in City of Perth land.

The main car park is Wadjuk Carpark, located behind Fraser's Restaurant. A 30 minute parking limit applies to the parking bays closest to Aspects of Kings Park. This limit applies during peak times 9.00 am to 5.00 pm, Monday to Friday (weekend and public holidays excepted). Formal car parks are scattered throughout Kings Park in key locations and verge parking is permitted where indicated by signage.

Disabled parking is available at various parkland locations - Fraser Avenue (near Fraser Circle), Wadjuk Carpark, Forrest Carpark, Botanic Garden Carpark, Roe Carpark, Zamia Carpark, Kulbardi Carpark, Marri Toilet Carpark and in the Lotterywest Family Area Carparks. A valid ACROD parking permit will need to be shown on your vehicle.

We want you to enjoy your visit, so take care of your valuables and do not leave them unattended in your vehicle.

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No parking zones

Please adhere to all parking signs for the safety and convenience of all park visitors and do not park on the lawns, over kerbs, in garden beds or on footpaths. Verge parking is permitted along Drives unless otherwise stated by signage or line marking.

Vehicles are not permitted to leave the road or parking areas, stop or park in 'No Parking' or 'No Stopping' zones. This includes wedding cars, limousines and catering vans.

Commercial vehicles

Taxi cabs

A taxi 'cab spot' is located behind the Fraser's Restaurant complex and Aspects of Kings Park on Fraser Avenue. This cab spot is used by taxis to easily locate passengers who have booked a taxi service from Kings Park.

Chartered vehicles

The Authority is unable to reserve any parking area. Event groups, such as bridal parties, accessing Botanic Garden venues by limousine can be dropped off at the beginning of the Short Vista, at the Botanic Garden Carpark, Fraser Avenue Circle, in the bus bays at the Wadjuk Carpark or the Forrest Carpark. Limousines can park in the marked bays along the road near the Botanic Garden Carpark, Eucalyptus Carpark or in the Wardong Carpark located off May Drive.

Limousines are not permitted to park in the Forrest Carpark or Wadjuk Carpark due to limited accessibility. It is the organiser’s responsibility to check for any upcoming closures or roadworks prior to the event.

Horse and Carriages

The Botanic Gardens and Parks Authority requires a written application from any visitor who may wish to bring a horse and carriage into Kings Park and Botanic Garden. You must receive formal approval from the Authority prior to the animal entering the park. It is the organiser’s responsibility to ensure the Horse and Carriage vendor contacts the Authority to ensure that they comply with all necessary guidelines for Horse and Carriages in Kings Park and Botanic Garden.


Cycling is a great way to see beautiful Kings Park. All cyclists and motorists are required to abide by the Road Traffic Code 2000 and must adhere to signage and directions by the Botanic Gardens and Parks Authority. These conditions also apply to visitors using other wheeled recreational devices, such as skateboards, scooters, roller-blades, roller-skates or similar.

Speed limits

Cycling is permitted on all main roads (40 km/h speed limit) and along designated shared use pedestrian/cycle paths (10 km/h speed limit) in Kings Park. All shared pedestrian/cycle paths are identified through signage at the entry to each path.

Shared paths

If a path is not signed as shared use for cyclists and pedestrians, then it is intended for pedestrian use only. Due to safety and conservation issues, cycling is not permitted on any pedestrian only paths. Please be courteous to fellow visitors.

The hard surface shared pedestrian/cycle paths in Kings Park bushland are: the Western Path, Zamia Path, Goanna Path, Boomerang Path, Speargrass Path and Prionotes Path. Cycling is not permitted on Law Walk or the Bushland Nature Trail or in any bushland area without designated hard-surface shared pedestrian/cycle paths (refer to map).

Cyclists are not permitted in the State War Memorial Precinct, Western Australian Botanic Garden or in the developed parkland areas of Kings Park. Cyclists are welcome to use the roads in these areas.

During Total Fire Ban periods or other extreme weather conditions, paths may be closed for visitor safety.

Bike racks

For your convenience, bike racks are located in multiple locations around Kings Park and Botanic Garden including: Wadjuk Carpark, Forrest Carpark, outside Rio Tinto Naturescape Kings Park on May Drive, May Drive Parkland, Saw Avenue Picnic Area and Lotterywest Family Area. It is recommended you secure your bicycle with an anti-theft lock and take your valuables with you.

Motorised bikes

Motorised or electric powered bikes are permitted to use both the public roads and the shared pedestrian/cycle paths (10 km/h speed limit) in Kings Park. Only transportation vehicles required for disability access, such as gophers and electric wheelchairs, are permitted on the pedestrian paths.

Motorised or electric powered bikes are not permitted to generate an output of over 200 watts and people under 16 years of age are not permitted to ride them, whether or not the power is engaged.

Electric Personal Transporters (segways) are not permitted anywhere in Kings Park and Botanic Garden unless they are part of an approved organised tour.

Bike hire

Spinway WA currently provide automated bike hire at Kings Park and Botanic Garden. Visitors can use a credit card to hire a standard adult-sized bicycle with adjustable seat height and a helmet from an eight-bike kiosk located in the Wadjuk Carpark, opposite the free Number 935 Transperth bus stop.

Scooter hire

BGPA has implemented an interim Kings Park E-Scooter Share Scheme (KPESS) to establish a safe and convenient operating model for Kings Park.

Visitors can hire e-Scooters operated by Bird Rides Australia and Neuron Mobility (Australia). Designated areas of the park will be able to access the roads within the designated area and are identified using the operators app. 

Riders will not be permitted beyond the designated area including the WA Botanic Garden or bushland areas. For e-scooter usage rules see the City of Perth website.


Most transport around Kings Park and Botanic Garden is conducted by foot along walking trails and designated shared paths. All of these shared paths are on hard surfaces through the beautiful Kings Park bushland areas.

You may like to take a guided walk or self-guided tour.

Road closures

Minor road closures and detours take place during the Kings Park Festival (month of September) and the Summer Events season (November through to early April). If you intend to drive into the park during these times, please follow directions and parking instructions provided by signage and by Kings Park staff. Notices of upcoming closures of roads, carparks and services are updated regularly.


The Authority is required to issue infringements for breaches to the Regulations and penalties may apply. If you have received an infringement from the Botanic Gardens and Parks Authority, please refer to the Infringements section for more information.

Mounts Bay Road share path detours

The City of Perth will be undergoing works on the shared path along Mounts Bay Road from Thursday 23 March until Monday 8 May 2023. Detours through Kings Park will be in place.

School Ball parking

Temporary parking on Fraser Avenue will not be provided for buses, limos and cars, and fines will apply.

Polyphagous Shot-Hole Borer

The Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development (DPIRD) is responding to the confirmed detection of an exotic beetle, the Polyphagous Shot-Hole Borer (PSHB) in the Perth metropolitan area.

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City of Perth E-Scooter Trial Expands through Kings Park

Visitors will be able to hire and ride e-scooters within Kings Park as part of City of Perth’s E-scooter Share Scheme from Saturday 25 March 2023.

Support for Noongar Boodja continues

Fugro has generously renewed their partnership with the Botanic Gardens and Parks Authority (BGPA) to bring another three years of the very popular ‘Noongar Boodja’ education program to Kings Park.

Rare plants stolen from Kings Park

We're devastated to announce up to 900 of WA’s rarest orchids have been stolen from the Conservation Garden in Kings Park.

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