All cyclists and motorists are required to abide by the Road Traffic Code 2000 and must adhere to signage and directions by the Botanic Gardens and Parks Authority.

Cycling is a great way to see beautiful Kings Park and parts of stunning Bold Park. A review of the cycling paths within Kings Park and Bold Park was conducted in late 2016 following changes to the Road Traffic Code.

Cycling permissions in Kings Park and Bold Park remain unchanged following the review, however the status of some existing paths has been changed. The conditions for cycling also apply to visitors using other wheeled recreational devices, such as skateboards, scooters, roller-blades, roller-skates or similar (Botanic Gardens and Parks Regulations 1999 - Part 3).

Kings Park

In Kings Park, cycling is permitted on gazetted roads at maximum 40 kph and restricted to designated pedestrian / cycle paths only at maximum 10 kph (refer to map). The cycling track around Hale Oval is a great place to teach children to ride bikes.

Pedestrians always have the right of way. If a path is not signed at each entrance point as shared use for cyclists and pedestrians, then it is for pedestrian use only and cycling or other wheeled recreational device use is not permitted.

Please be reminded that cycling is not permitted anywhere within the following areas: Western Australian Botanic Garden; State War Memorial precinct or around Aspects of Kings Park gallery shop; May Drive Parkland; Saw Avenue Picnic Area; or the Ivey Watson Playground in the Lotterywest Family Area.

If you would like to go for a bike ride and you don't have your own with you during your visit – no problem – you can hire a bike in Kings Park from the automated Spinway WA service in the Wadjuk Carpark.

Bold Park

In Bold Park, cycling is only permitted at Reabold Hill, on gazetted road Scenic Drive and uphill on Scenic Walk. Cycling is not permitted on any internal trails in Bold Park (refer to map).

With so many visitors from varied walks of life visiting Kings Park and Bold Park each day, we thank cyclists who comply with our Regulations to ensure all visitors have a positive and safe experience.