Due to severe fire danger conditions forecast for today, Naturescape is closed and Kings Park afternoon guided walks may be cancelled.

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Road and carpark closures will occur in Kings Park and Botanic Garden from February 2020 until April 2020 due to concert events.

Outstanding national and international acts are lined up to perform during the 2019-20 summer events season at the Pioneer Women's Memorial. For all concert dates check the events calendar.

The way you exit Kings Park after a concert event has changed. Please read the following information and refer to the concert map to plan your journey.


  • Free parking is available to all concert patrons along May, Lovekin and Forrest Drives. Drivers are encouraged to reverse-park along the drives to allow easy exit at the end of the night.
  • For ACROD drivers, a drop off and pick up zone as well as parking is located near Gate 2 on Forrest Drive near the DNA Tower. All vehicles must enter Forrest Drive from the Crawley end of Kings Park after Forrest Drive is closed at approximately 2.30 pm.
  • The Botanic Garden Carpark on Forrest Drive will be closed until late April 2020.
  • The Wanju Marr Volunteer Hub Carpark and the DNA Tower Carpark will be closed on all concert dates from approximately 8.00 am to midnight.
  • Forrest Carpark will be closed from approximately 8.00 am on concert days but will reopen to allow pick ups at the end of all events.
  • Wadjuk Carpark will be managed by traffic attendants from approximately 2.00 pm onwards on all concert dates. Some bays may be available for concert patrons.

Road closures and traffic

  • Forrest Drive will be closed to pedestrians, vehicles and cyclists from approximately 2.30 pm on concert days. People travelling to the Crawley end of Kings Park must use Lovekin or May Drives during this time.
  • A section of Lovekin Drive (directly in front of the concert venue) will be closed to all vehicles just prior to show end for up to one-hour post show.
  • All vehicles parked on Lovekin Drive will be required to exit Kings Park via Poole Avenue or Saw Avenue after a concert.
  • All vehicles parked on May Drive will be required to exit Kings Park via Fraser Avenue or Saw Avenue.
  • Patrons are encouraged to follow signage and staff directions and to refer to the Main Roads website for information regarding closures in surrounding suburbs.

Drop off zone

  • On arrival, a drop off zone is available at the concert entrance on Lovekin Drive (Gate 1).
  • This drop off zone will be closed at the end of the concert (see road closures above) and will not be accessible for up to one-hour post show for pedestrian safety.

Pick up zones

  • Two pick up zones will be available at the end of all concerts in Forrest Carpark (near the boab tree) or in Wadjuk Carpark behind Frasers Restaurant. Look for the signs directing you to these pick up points.
  • Taxis and rideshare vehicles will only be permitted to collect patrons in Wadjuk Carpark. Look out for the signs.
  • Patrons are encouraged to walk to the pick up points before ordering your ride as under no circumstances will vehicles be permitted through the road closures on Lovekin and Forrest Drives.

ACROD parking and access

  • ACROD parking is located on Forrest Drive near the DNA Tower. Access to this parking area is only available to drivers travelling north up Forrest Drive. Access into the site is via Gate 2.

Service interruptions

  • The Perth Explorer Bus cannot pick up passengers from Roe Gardens, Forrest Drive on concert dates once it is closed. Passengers can board from Wadjuk Carpark, Fraser Avenue.


  • Leave adequate time to get to the concert site as you may need to park and walk.
  • Drop off and pick up zones are provided close to the venue entry.
  • Please be courteous to other visitors and follow directions from signage and staff.
  • Penalties apply for illegal parking.
  • Refer to the concert map or contact us during business hours for further information.

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Naturescape closed February

Rio Tinto Naturescape Kings Park will be closed from Saturday, 1 February 2020 until Sunday, 1 March 2020.

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Kings Park Community Survey

Kings Park and Botanic Garden belongs to the people of Western Australia, so your views about how the park is managed are important to us.

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Thank you 2019, its been a blast. With the unwavering support of our Western Australian community, we have celebrated the highs and weathered a few lows.

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