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'The Magic of Nature' was proudly presented by the Kings Park Festival in 2014.

The festival was made possible by the generous support of major festival partner Santos, the Friends of Kings Park with Lotterywest, and the West Austrlian newspaper. The Kings Park Festival was from 1-30 September and celebrated spring and the most spectacular display of wildflowers on the planet.

We hope you enjoyed the beauty and learnt a little about the leading horticulture and science that goes on behind the scenes in Kings Park that brought this festival of nature to you.

Facts and figures

  1. Kings Park Festival is the current winner of Australian and WA tourism awards.
  2. An estimated 500,000 people visited the Kings Park Festival this September.
  3. The program of free events offered one hundred guided walks, four live music concerts, three outdoor art exhibits, ten thousand native plants for sale and one gigantic children’s event at the Fantastic Faraway Festival.
  4. Australian songstress Christine Anu launched the Santos Live Sundays music series on Sunday, 7 September.
  5. Guided walks were held in different languages for the first time in 2014. French, Japanese, Mandarin, Portuguese and Vietnamese speakers were catered for.
  6. A voluptuous inflatable pink everlasting, Eva Bloom, made her debut at the 2014 Kings Park Festival.
  7. Unlike other flower festivals, all wildflowers on show during Kings Park Festivals are displayed in sustainable living garden beds rather than short-lived potted or cut displays. Twenty thousand new plants went into the ground in preparation for the 2014 festival.
  8. The 2014 Kings Park Festival celebrated nature below the earth’s surface, as well as the wildflowers above ground. Tree roots were brought to the surface in ‘Uprooted’ and explored in the ‘Unearthed’ outdoor exhibition.
  9. The Kings Park Festival was made possible by the generous support of major festival partner Santos, Lotterywest, the Friends of Kings Park and The West Australian newspaper.
  10. The 2014 festival was the 51st Kings Park Festival.

News and media

Visit our news section for the latest Festival news. Media releases are available for download below.

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Please contact the Festival Media Office if you would like further information on the Kings Park Festival.


2014 marks the 51st Kings Park Festival. Since 1963, the festival has grown from a small two-day ticketed event into a month-long celebration of WA's diverse flora with a packed program drawing in more than half a million visitors. It is now one of the oldest festivals in Australia.

The Kings Park Festival has enjoyed the generous support of its major partner Santos for the past four years. It has also enjoyed long term support from The Friends of Kings Park with Lotterywest. These sponsorships have enabled the program of festival events to now be open and free of charge to people from all walks of life in our community. The West Australian newspaper continues to make an invaluable contribution as our exclusive print media partner, spreading the word about the events and activities on offer.

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