Welcome to the most spectacular wildflower show on the planet. Take a moment to learn something new about some of the 'stars of the show' or take a stroll through our featured gardens.

Pink EverlastingShowstoppers

The most native, unique, stunning and popular Western Australian wildflowers that we have in Kings Park! Learn about the show-stoppers of the festival, where they come from and how to grow them at home. View them and read about them via the QR codes at their locations in certain garden beds around the Botanic Garden and near the Botanical Cafe on Fraser Avenue.

Queen of ShebaQueen of Sheeba

The Face of the 2014 Festival. The Queen of Sheba Orchid (Thelymitra variegata), named after the mysterious woman of King Solomon’s times, is a single stemmed orchid whose petals and column are streaked with rich and beautiful oranges, reds, pinks and vivid splashes of purple. Don’t be fooled by her enchanting beauty and Las Vegas showgirl style though.

She is a vamp and a trickster, enticing her suitor and pollinator, the Native Wasp, away from his lovely Tinsel Lily, by mimicking the smell of a female wasp who is looking for love. The Queen of Sheba orchid thinks that she must surely be the best wildflower as she is superior, beautiful and rare. The Queen of Sheba Orchid is native to the south west of WA.

Kings Park Federation FlameDig it with Coffee

Bring your native gardening questions along to ‘Dig It With Coffee’ every Wednesday in September. Join the Kings Park Volunteer Master Gardeners and a Kings Park Horticulturist, who will share their expert answers and advice over coffee. Take a tour of the Friends of Kings Park – a demonstration garden that shows how easy it is to grow stunning, bird attracting, waterwise native plants in your home garden.

Native plant saleNative Plant Sale

Take a little piece of Kings Park home to your garden at the Festival Native Plant Sales from Saturday 27-29 September. Choose from a huge range of native plants, including many unusual species not found in commercial nurseries. All plants are lovingly cultivated by the Friends of Kings Park and funds raised by the plant sales support the park. Join special guests, Steve Woods and Chris Ferreira from ABC, for the Great Gardens workshop on Sunday 28 September.

Festival floristFestival Florist

Buy spring posies of wildflowers from our Festival florist from 9.00 am – 5.00 pm on weekends in September and every day over the September long weekend. The Festival florist will be located in the Forrest Carpark. Also available at the Native Plant Sale and at the Fantastic Faraway Festival on Saturday 20 September.

Feature Gardens

Kings Park is home to a number of distinct gardens, which offer the opportunity to showcase the vast array of WA flora. Many are linked to scientific research and all are carefully curated. Here are some that are not to be missed in 2014!

Hakea laurina Western Australian Botanic Garden

Travel 4,000km without leaving the city. This is ‘centre stage’ for Western Australian flora. The State's Botanic Garden devotes its displays to plant species from the northern tip of the Kimberley to the Great Southern. Around 3,000 of the state’s amazing 12,000 plant species grow here. Garden beds represent each region of the State, such as the Pilbara, south-west and Rottnest Island. Seventeen hectares are devoted to the display and interpretation of Western Australian rich flora. These are displayed in a range of plant themes including ecological, taxonomic and general display.

Darwinia masoniiConservation Garden

Glimpse a rare beauty. Few people will ever see WA’s threatened plants growing in their natural habitats, so we bring them to you in the Conservation Garden. Plants are grouped according to region and habitat. This garden features many rare beauties and helps us all understand the value of protecting plant life in general and more specifically our rare and threatened plants.

Backyard botanical gardenBackyard Botanical Garden

The Backyard Botanicals Garden provides inspiration for your home garden. The ‘grow-me-at-home’ garden demonstrates how easy it is to grow native plants in your own backyard. The garden showcases species that are hardy, water-wise, bird-friendly and beautiful. All varieties are readily available from local native plant nurseries and at the Friends of Kings Park Native Plant Sales. Learn more at a 'Dig it with coffee' morning, held at Zamia Cafe. Check out the plant notes available to assist you with their cultivation.

Floral ClockNew Floral Clock

Time for change. The Floral Clock has been an icon of Kings Park for generations. The original design featured European plants and design elements including a mini Swiss chalet! This much-loved icon has a new home and a contemporary design to bring it in line with the rest of Kings Park's philosophy for embracing Western Australian flora.