Birdwatching in Kings Park and Botanic Garden

Kings Park and Botanic Garden covers an area over 400 ha of native vegetation, parks and gardens in the heart of the city. This provides a sanctuary for over 70 species of birds. Many live here permanently and others visit at various times of the year. 

Morning is the best time for bird watching! Keep your eyes peeled in the Western Australian Botanic Garden, the banksia woodlands in the spring and the edges of the woodland, where bushland meets the grassed area. To see some of the rarer species such as Thornbills, you can take a quiet walk along some of the trails throughout the park.

For more information about the amazing birdlife in Kings Park and Botanic Garden, take a look at our Birds of Kings Park and Botanic Garden guide, prepared with BirdLife Western Australia. 

Cockatoo and a wattle bird on a bird waterer