Boodja Gnarning Walk

A self-guided walk that explores the world's oldest continuous living culture first-hand. Discover traditional foods, tools, medicines and shelters of the Noongar people from the south-west of Western Australia.

Wanju Wanju - Welcome to Noongar country, an area including Perth that is bounded by the south-west coast of Western Australia and extends from south of Geraldton to Esperance on the south coast.

There are many tribes within Noongar country, several of whom visited Kaarta Koomba (Kings Park) at various times of year: a place of ceremony, celebration and good hunting. Today Kaarta Koomba is a place of gatherings, celebration and learning for all Western Australians. It is a sanctuary and a place of rare natural beauty.

The walk

The entire Boodja Gnarning walk is in three parts separating into the women's and men's tracks at the end of the Lotterywest Federation Walkway. Both these tracks lead back through the Western Australian Botanic Garden to Forrest Carpark, where the walk ends.

Signs guide you on paths through the garden, highlighting traditional Noongar uses of plants and places of significance.

Before separating into the women's and men's tracks, the Boodja Gnarning walk is 1 kilometre long on hard ground with slight inclines and is estimated to take 30  minutes to complete.

Maarm Track - Men's long walk

With a total length of 1.4 kilometres, the men's track meanders all the way to the Place of Reflection at Roe Gardens before joining up with the women's track near the Pioneer Women's Memorial.

This track is on soft and hard ground with medium inclines and is estimated to take 60 minutes to complete.

Yorgra Track - Women's short walk

A shorter walk of 800 metres, the women's track winds around near the Water Garden before travelling back towards Gija Jumulu (Giant Boab) via the Banksia Garden and Pioneer Women's Memorial. The area near the Pioneer Women's Memorial holds a special significance as it was a women's-only precinct and traditionally where they gave birth.

This track is on hard ground with slight to moderate inclines and is estimated to take 20 minutes to complete.