RAC Neuron Mobility e-Scooter Safety Engagement Workshop

24 September


1.5 hours

Come down to Kings Park to discover how to ride an e-scooter safely. During this free session with an industry expert, the following topics will be covered: 

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  • How to get started as a first-time rider 
  • How to use Neuron’s e-scooter safety features 
  • How to perform a pre-ride safety inspection 
  • Basic e-scooter riding skills, including WA Rules and Regulations 
  • Advanced manoeuvres 
  • Courteous riding and parking in Western Australia  

You may bring your own e-scooter to the session or there will be e-scooters available for those who require them. 

Bookings are not required for these workshops.  Sessions are free and are 1.5 hours. Session times depend on capacity.

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