Kings Park - frequently asked questions

Find the answers to our most asked questions and ensure that you are prepared for your visit.

Is there an entry fee to visit Kings Park?

No, Kings Park is free of charge to visitors. There is only a fee if you wish to reserve a shelter or lawn for your group.

What do I do if I see smoke or fire in the park?

Call 000 immediately and try to give a good description of the location.

Can I bring my dog to Kings Park?

Yes! Dogs on leads are most welcome in the park. However, they are not permitted on the raised boardwalk section of the Lotterywest Federation Walkway, at events or in the children’s playgrounds or cafes. Please do not leave them tied up or locked in a car.

Can I fly a drone in Kings Park?

Hobby use of drones is not permitted due to the park being deemed a high population area. Commercial drone use may be possible under certain conditions with a filming permit from the Bookings Officer

Do you have a plant identification service?

Unfortunately we don’t offer a plant identification service. We recommend you contact the WA Herbarium. If the plant belongs to you or you have permission from the owner to take a sample, we suggest you take the sample to your local nursery. There are also plant identification apps you can get for your phone that you might like to try.

I want to donate a plant from my garden to the park. Is that possible?

We do not accept plants from non-accredited sources due to biosecurity risks.

Where can I buy a blue kangaroo paw?

The Celebrations range of kangaroo paws is sold nation-wide through nurseries. 

A family member passed away; can we scatter the ashes in Kings Park?

The scattering or burial of ashes is not permitted as it can harm the plants and change the pH balance of the soil. 

Can I hire a golf buggy or mobility scooter?

We do not have any buggies or scooters for hire. 

How do I book one of the Kings Park shelters?

After you have chosen a venue, contact the Bookings Officer with your enquiry.

Is parking free in Kings Park?

Yes, visitors to Kings Park can park here for free for the duration of their park visit. Parking is only for Kings Park visitors. Fines apply if you 'park and leave'.

Can I bring a small, portable barbecue to my picnic?

For the safety of visitors and to protect this world-class reserve, barbecues are not permitted in the park. We have free electric barbecues for you to use at any time.

One of my garden plants is sick; can you help me?

Friends of Kings Park volunteers are very knowledgeable about caring for plants which are native to Western Australia. So please no roses or lemons!

I would like to volunteer in the park.

The first step is to become a Friend of Kings Park. Any vacant volunteer roles will be advertised in the monthly newsletter. You can then follow the steps to apply for any which interest you.

Where can I park my caravan while I visit the gardens?

Over-sized vehicles, such as caravans, which do not fit in a regular car bay, can park in the Wardong bus park on May Drive. 

When is the Everlasting Kings Park Festival?

The Festival takes place in the second half of September when the spring flowers are at their best.

I am planning a trip from the eastern states; when is the best time to visit Kings Park?

The best time to visit Kings Park is in the spring during wildflower season. September is considered to be the most stunning month in the park, with warm, but not hot, weather. But there are beautiful flowers in the gardens every month of the year.

Do you have a Lost and Found section?

Yes, call our Customer Service Officer on 9480 3600.

Can I buy plants from Kings Park?

Kings Park itself does not sell plants, but the Friends of Kings Park hold plant sales four times a year. For more information, visit their website.

Is there anywhere we can leave our bags while we visit the gardens?

We do not have any space suitable for luggage storage. Please look for left-luggage options in the city, then hop on a bus to Kings Park.

How do I get to Kings Park by bus?

You can catch the 935 Transperth bus (it has to say Kings Park on the front, not Parliament House) or the blue CAT bus (which has Number 1 on the front) into Kings Park. The terminus is on Wadjuk Way next to the main car park. All buses within the city are free!

Are there any guided tours of the botanic garden?

Yes! Our trained volunteer guides run free walks every day of the year (except Christmas Day). Visit the What's On page to see what seasonal walks are available.