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We work with tertiary institutions, government agencies (state, national and international), industry and NGOs across the conservation, mining, horticulture and agriculture sectors. 

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Fill a key knowledge gap

Direct partnerships

We work intimately with partners to resolve specific challenges with plant biodiversity, whether it be for a single species or an entire ecosystem! Our unique and integrated science model enables effective biodiverse and sustainable ecosystem restoration. 

We explore key themes such as:

  • planning and targets
  • sourcing materials
  • optimising establishment
  • facilitating growth and development
  • assessing resilience and landscape integration
  • In 2022 we collaborated with 17 industry partners.
  • We have established 20+ year collaborations with several industry partners.

Leveraged opportunities

We leverage significant collaborative networks to support conservation outcomes for partners. This model is critical as the knowledge required to inform biodiversity conservation can’t always be generated by one discipline, nor one institution.

Our model links the innovative research undertaken in-house with that of partner academic institutions. Together, we deliver the applied knowledge needs for the diverse stakeholders involved in conservation actions.

  • In 2022 we were engaged in 9 Federal Government projects that linked tertiary and industry partners together.

Support a student program

Postgraduate students make up 50% of our team here at Kings Park. Students focus on specific issues over shorter term durations (1-3 years). By collaborating with universities we provide opportunities for students to engage directly on industry problems.

  • In 2022 we supported 33 higher degree research students from across Australia.
  • The Kings Park Science Summer Scholarship Program (supported by the Friends of Kings Park) provides a pathway for students to transition into postgraduate research. On average we support 6-10 students per year on this transition.

Translate science into action

As a government research institute our focus is on translating our world-class science outcomes into policy outreach, strategic communications, and stakeholder engagement.

We produce guidance documents for practitioners as well as working hand-in-hand with partners, translating our science into world-class restoration and conservation outcomes.

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