Grevillea glabrilimba

Well suited to a mixed native planting, this grevillea is a must for any home garden.

With green-grey soft foliage, this compact shrub grows to a height of 0.7m and a width of 1.2m. In the wild this grevillea flowers mainly from July to September but in gardens it can flower intermittently through the year. The bright red flowers attract small nectar-seeking birds.

Grow it at home

  • For best results plant in full sun in autumn or winter
  • Once established, this grevillea species is tolerant of dry spells of weather. For optimum floral display, it is best watered at the base of the plant once a week
  • The natural habit of this plant is compact, this can be maintained by light pruning following flowering

This grevillea can adapt to semi-shade positions as an under-storey plant amongst open eucalypt canopy. It is best replaced every five years when the shrub starts to lose its density and ability to flower abundantly.

Find it in Kings Park

See Grevillea glabrilimba in the Aspects Mound, Fraser's Restaurant precinct, and Hakea and Grevillea garden.

Out in the wild

Grevillea glabrilimba grows naturally on the coastal sandplains between Jurien Bay and Dongara.

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