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  • Lotterywest Family Area map
  • Congratulations Lotterywest

    Congratulations to Lotterywest, long-standing supporter of the Friends of Kings Park, who recently celebrated 80 years of community service to Western Australia.
  • Community Shelter

    View venue slideshow This shelter is very popular for small children's parties (up to the age of 6) with access to all facilities. Attached to Stickybeaks Cafe and within the Ivey Watson Playground, this venue provides a large covered area with...
  • Cork Oak Gazebo

    View venue slideshow Located in the Lotterywest Family Area, the Cork Oak Gazebo is perfect for small family gatherings in relaxing surroundings.
  • River Gum Gazebo

    View venue slideshowLocated in the Lotterywest Family Area, the River Gum Gazebo is surrounded by shady grassed areas, barbecues and great playground facilities.
  • Marri Gazebo

    View venue slideshow Located in the Lotterywest Family Area, the Marri Gazebo is surrounded by shady grassed areas, barbecues and great playground facilities.
  • Willong Pavilion

    View venue slideshow The largest of the pavilions in the Lotterywest Family Area, the Willong Pavilion doubles as an educational facility for school groups attending Kings Park Education programs during the week.
  • Fitness, sports and recreation

    Kings Park and Botanic Garden provides a wonderful setting to improve physical and mental fitness. Whether practising yoga, tai chi or enjoying a casual run, the park offers a variety of areas suitable for your sporting interest. Walking and jogging...
  • Kings Park Road Precinct

    View venue slideshow The Kings Park Road Precinct is located on the northern edge of Kings Park, from the Lotterywest Family Area entrance heading east to Fraser Avenue. It offers an ideal venue for fitness training in small groups.
  • Recycling trash to treasure

    From the creative to the innovative, Kings Park and Botanic Garden is proud to showcase some of our best initiatives during National Recycling Week 2019.
  • Hale Oval

    View venue slideshow Hale Oval has been used as a playground and sporting ground since 1897. It provides ideal facilities for families with older children to enjoy ball sports, the popular space net and the 'learn-to-ride' bicycle path.
  • Stickybeaks Cafe

    Stickybeaks Cafe is the ideal place for young families to meet and enjoy a vast selection of delicious food while the children play in the Ivey Watson Playground or Lotterywest Family Area.
  • Transport options
  • Visiting with Children

    There are plenty of exciting things to do in Kings Park and Botanic Garden with children – whether it be enjoying an afternoon picnic, relaxing in the shade of the trees or exploring the playground at Saw Avenue Picnic Area, or getting your hands dirty...
  • Visiting with disability

    The BGPA welcomes visitors from all walks of life to Kings Park and is committed to ensuring that people with disabilities, their families and carers have the same opportunities as other people to access services, facilities, events and information. We...
  • Donations and Bequests

    To support Kings Park and Botanic Garden and / or Bold Park, you are invited to consider making a donation when you next visit or through the post, or consider making a bequest in your will.
  • Terms and Conditions

    Kings Park and Botanic Garden is an A-Class Reserve managed under the Botanic Gardens and Parks Authority (BGPA) Act and Regulations. Kings Park is Western Australia’s most visited destination and can be exceptionally busy. Following these Terms and...
  • Botanic Garden Art Trail

    A truly beautiful place, the Western Australian Botanic Garden is located high on the Mt Eliza scarp with sweeping river and city views. As well as providing the world's most representative display of south-west WA's flora, it encompasses a rich...
  • Corporate Support

    The Botanic Gardens and Parks Authority is a sought-after partner among the corporate community. Corporate sponsorships provide a valuable connection to the natural environment, local community, Aboriginal and cultural heritage, scientific research and...
  • Food and Beverage

    COVID-19 Update: In accordance with Australian Government directions, food and beverage outlets in Kings Park have modified trading hours and capacity. We strongly recommend you contact the individual providers for the most up-to-date information....
  • Melaleuca fulgens

    Common name: Scarlet Honeymyrtle Family: MYRTACEAE View image slideshow Origin of Scientific Name Melaleuca: (Greek) from melas – black, and leucos – white; referring to the black trunk and white branches of some Asian species. fulgens: (Latin) from...
  • Activity 4: Terrific Tracks

    Explore bushland tracks in Kings Park.
  • Venues and Facilities

    Drinking fountains and refreshments The Kings Park and Botanic Garden visitor map shows the location of free, drinking water fountains at all major visitor precincts. Refreshments are available for purchase at a number of easily accessible locations...
  • Picnic and BBQ Areas

    Kings Park and Botanic Garden is a beautiful setting for a family picnic and barbecue, with many ideal locations found throughout the parklands.
  • Exhibition Ground

    View venue slideshowThe Exhibition Ground offers visitors a large open grassed area, tucked behind the pine forest on Fraser Avenue.
  • Historical Timeline

    Kings Park and Botanic Garden has a long and interesting history. Noongar Aboriginal people lived throughout Western Australia, including Kings Park and Botanic Garden (Kaarta gar-up) for some 40,000 years before European settlement. This Historical...
  • Banksia prionotes

    Common name: Acorn Banksia Family: PROTEACEAE View image slideshow Origin of Scientific Name Banksia – After Sir Joseph Banks (1743–1820), famous English botanist and naturalist with a prolific list of botanical discoveries credited to him. prionotes –...
  • Cycling paths
  • COVID-19

    The wellbeing of our visitors, volunteers and staff is our number one priority during the current COVID-19 situation. We are closely monitoring and responding to Government health advice and putting extra measures in place to protect our staff,...
  • Things to do

    There are so many things to do in Kings Park and Botanic Garden - whether you are with family or friends for an afternoon picnic, wanting to relax and take in the magnificent views of Perth, or perhaps you feel like some unique retail therapy... Why...
  • Tuart Lawn

    View venue slideshow In 1996, Tuart Lawn was created to add to the Pioneer Women's Memorial Fountain natural amphitheatre. A large, picturesque area, it is shaded by a grove of majestic tuart trees resulting in a cool, tranquil area of the Botanic...
  • Water Garden Pavilion

    View venue slideshow The Water Garden reflects a natural stream through the Darling Scarp and provides an ideal location for people to gather and enjoy this area within the State's Botanic Garden.
  • About Naturescape

    Rio Tinto Naturescape Kings Park is a special place for children to connect with nature and learn to appreciate Western Australia’s incredible natural environment. It is also the home of Kings Park Education. View image slideshow It is a dedicated...
  • Anigozanthos manglesii 'Anniversary Gold'

    Common names: Mangles Kangaroo Paw yellow form or Kangaroo Paw 'Anniversary Gold' Family: HAEMODORACEAE View image slideshow Origin of Scientific Name Anigozanthos manglesii is named after Robert Mangles, an English horticulturist. Description The...
  • Beedawong

    View venue slideshowThe Beedawong Meeting Place (meaning Celebration) is a stone amphitheatre located in a natural bush setting. It is nestled in the heart of the Botanic Garden at the Roe Gardens western end of the Lotterywest Federation Walkway....
  • Guichenotia macrantha

    Common name: Large-flowered Guichenotia Family: MALVACEAE View image slideshow Origin of Scientific Name Guichenotia – after Antoine Guichenot, a botanical collector. macrantha – from Greek macros, large and anthos, a flower, referring to the large...

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Concert traffic interruptions

Road and carpark closures will occur in Kings Park and Botanic Garden in November 2020 due to concert events.

Kings Park visitor disruption: cycling trials

Visitor disruptions will occur on Lovekin Drive, Kings Park on select days between Tuesday 17 November 2020 and Tuesday 19 January 2021 due to cycling time trials.

Concert traffic interruptions

Road and carpark closures will occur in Kings Park and Botanic Garden on 12 December 2020 due to a concert event.

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Noongar Boodja Six Seasons is back!

Kings Park Education is excited to open bookings for our 2021 program of Noongar Boodja Six Seasons festivals, a celebration of Aboriginal culture, proudly presented by Fugro.

BGPA 2019-20 annual report

Connecting community, conserving flora and celebrating identity is the theme of the Botanic Gardens and Parks Authority’s 2019-20 annual report which is now available online.

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