Kings Park and Botanic Garden is in the heart of Perth city and easy to get to by private vehicle or public transport.

Public transport

Located just 1.5km from Perth CBD, Kings Park and Botanic Garden is readily accessible by public transport.

Bus routes

Transperth bus route 935 travels from St Georges Terrace right into the heart of the park at the Fraser Avenue Precinct.

The Blue Cat bus travels between Perth Busport and Kings Park, via Perth Station and Elizabeth Quay Bus Station.

Perth Explorer Bus operates a hop on / hop off Kings Park Bus Tour that features Fraser Avenue, Roe Gardens and May Drive Parkland.


Most transport around Kings Park and Botanic Garden is conducted by foot along walking trails and designated shared paths.

Getting around on foot

All of these shared paths are on hard surfaces through the beautiful Kings Park bushland areas.

Free guided walks are conducted daily by the Volunteer Guides and depart from outside Aspects of Kings Park.


Bring your own bicycle or hire one, there are many cycle tracks and trails to explore.

Bringing your own bike

Bike racks are located at:

  • Wadjuk Carpark
  • Forrest Carpark
  • Outside Rio Tinto Naturescape Kings Park
  • May Drive Parkland
  • Saw Avenue Picnic Area
  • Poolgarla Family Area

We recommend securing your bike with a bicycle lock and taking any valuables with you.

Rules and regulations

All cyclists and motorists are required to abide by the Road Traffic Code 2000 and must adhere to signage and directions by the Botanic Gardens and Parks Authority. These conditions also apply to visitors using other wheeled recreational devices, such as skateboards, scooters, roller-blades, roller-skates or similar.

Cycling is permitted on all main roads (40 km/h speed limit) and along designated shared use pedestrian/cycle paths (10 km/h speed limit) in Kings Park. All shared pedestrian/cycle paths are identified through signage at the entry to each path.

Cyclists are not permitted in the State War Memorial Precinct, Western Australian Botanic Garden or in the developed parkland areas of Kings Park. Cyclists are welcome to use the roads in these areas.

Motorised bikes

Motorised or electric powered bikes are permitted to use public roads and shared pedestrian/cycle paths (10 km/h speed limit) in Kings Park. Only transportation vehicles required for disability access, such as gophers and electric wheelchairs, are permitted on the pedestrian paths.

Motorised or electric powered bikes are not permitted to generate an output of over 200 watts and people under 16 years of age are not permitted to ride them, whether or not the power is engaged.

E-scooters and e-rideables

E-scooters are growing in popularity world-wide as a convenient and more environmentally friendly option to traverse and experience popular locations.

Bringing your own e-scooter or e-rideable

As the Perth population grows, and roads and car parks become busier, we recognise the need to move to modern solutions to support our community and the continued access and enjoyment of the park.

The safety of e-scooter riders and park visitors is of top priority.

Kings Park has paths traversing near natural bushland and riders must be aware of their surroundings such as fallen debris, loose sand and wildlife.

Hiring an e-scooter or e-rideable

Within Kings Park, e-scooters can be hired from May Drive Parkland, Poolgarla Family Area, Fraser Circle, Wadjuk Carpark and Forrest Carpark, and returned to e-scooter parking zones anywhere in the park or within the City of Perth.

Consistent with the City of Perth trial, the share scheme in Kings Park uses e-scooter providers Bird Rides Australia and Neuron Mobility (Australia) and the same safety rules, parking arrangements and speed limits apply.

E-scooters under the shared scheme are geofenced, and restricted from use within zones such as the WA Botanic Garden, busy parkland areas and Bushland. Geofencing is also in place to limit the speeds of riders within Kings Park. Bird and Neuron are responsible for all aspects of their operations and any issues can be reported directly through their apps, 24 hours a day.

Rules and regulations

Within Kings Park, e-scooters can travel at up to 10 km/h on footpaths permitting cyclists. E-scooters are restricted to those over the age of 16.

Any e-scooter rider in the park is required to:

  • Use only paths permitting cyclists and follow 10 km/h speed limits
  • 25 km/h on permitted roads
  • Be over the age of 16
  • Wear helmets
  • Be respectful of pedestrians and other path users
  • Be aware of your surroundings

The use of e-scooters is governed by WA’s Road Traffic Code and riders not following the rules can face fines from WA Police.

Electric Personal Transporters (segways) are not permitted anywhere in Kings Park and Botanic Garden unless they are part of an approved organised tour.


There are many visitor car parks available for ease of parking.

Rules and regulations

Speed restrictions of 20 kilometers per hour (km/h) in children’s play areas and near the State War Memorial, and 40 km/h through the rest of the park are enforced for visitor safety.

Learner drivers are not permitted to drive vehicles within Kings Park.

We want you to enjoy your visit and advise that you do not leave any valuables unattended in your vehicle.


Kings Park provides free parking only for those visitors within the park boundaries. Visitors are not permitted to park their vehicle in Kings Park and then leave Kings Park boundaries by any other means (on foot, by bus or in another vehicle).

Please adhere to all parking signs for the safety and convenience of all park visitors and do not park on the lawns, over kerbs, in garden beds or on footpaths. Verge parking is permitted along Drives unless otherwise stated by signage or line marking. Parking, stopping or standing is not permitted along Fraser Avenue at any time.

The main car park is Wadjuk Carpark, located behind Fraser's Restaurant.

Formal car parks are scattered throughout Kings Park in key locations and verge parking is permitted where indicated by signage. Parking is not permitted along Fraser Avenue.

Disabled parking is available at various parkland locations:

  • Fraser Avenue (near Fraser Circle)
  • Wadjuk Carpark
  • Forrest Carpark
  • Botanic Garden Carpark
  • Roe Carpark
  • Zamia Carpark
  • Kulbardi Carpark
  • Marri Toilet Carpark
  • Poolgarla Family Area Carparks

A valid ACROD parking permit will need to be shown on your vehicle.

We want you to enjoy your visit and advise that you do not leave any valuables unattended in your vehicle.

To locate car parks, please refer to the Kings Park Map.

Taxi and rideshare

Dropping off and picking up

A taxi 'cab spot' is located behind the Fraser's Restaurant complex and Aspects of Kings Park on Fraser Avenue.

Rideshare vehicles are permitted to use this 'cab spot' as a means of dropping off and collecting their passengers.