A Showcase of Ex Situ Conservation in Australia

19 September

What do Jurassic Park, Futurama, and Captain America all have in common?  

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In this event hosted by Kings Park Science, meet the real-life scientists working to turn science fiction into science fact to save Australian biodiversity.  

While human or dinosaur resurrection is still relegated to pop culture references, ex situ or 'off site' storage of genetic material of plant and animal species is a cornerstone of modern conservation science. Ex situ collections can come in the form of seed banks, cryopreservation collections, botanic gardens, and zoos. Material saved in this way can be stored for decades, or in some cases, indefinitely, and later grown into a living organism to be reintroduced to its natural habitat. With extinction rates increasing worldwide, the importance of ex situ collections cannot be overstated.  

Scientists from Kings Park, Botanic Gardens of Sydney, Perth Zoo, the Smithsonian Institute, and the Australian Seed Bank Partnership will discuss past progress and future prospects in this exciting and rapidly growing field of conservation science. The talks will be followed by a discussion, and for those visiting in person, a tour of the Kings Park ex situ conservation facilities. Places are limited, so book soon to attend this unique event! 


  • Dr Jonathon Daly 
  • Dr Bryn Funnkotter 
  • Dr Amelia Martyn-Yenson 
  • Dr Karen Sommerville 
  • Dr Harriet Mills 


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