City of Perth e-scooter trial expands through Kings Park

Visitors can now hire and ride e-scooters within Kings Park as part of City of Perth’s E-scooter Share Scheme.

The City of Perth trial, launched on Saturday 18 March, allows members of the public to traverse areas within geofenced locations throughout the local government’s boundary.

Botanic Gardens and Parks Authority Executive Director Alan Barrett said providing alternatives to vehicle travel in Kings Park provided both new visitor experiences and improved access from and to attractions and locations across the City of Perth.   

'Modern modes of transport are moving away from the traditional reliance on cars towards greener and more mobile options', he said.

'Travelling via e-scooter to, and within, Kings Park provides riders the opportunity to easily connect between different park attractions while also allowing them to pause and enjoy what these locations have to offer.'

'The scheme aligns with the mission of our 2022 Movement Network Strategy, where we have committed to accessible and welcoming destinations, reduced car dependence, greater connectivity and more immersive nature-based recreational and tourism experiences for our visitors.'

Consistent with the City of Perth trial, the share scheme in Kings Park will use e-scooter providers Bird and Neuron Mobility (Australia) and the same safety rules, parking arrangements and speed limits apply. Within Kings Park and the City of Perth, e-scooters can travel at up to 25 km/h on roads and 10 km/h on footpaths in permitted areas. E-scooters are restricted to those over the age of 16.

Within Kings Park, e-scooters can be hired from May Drive Parkland, Poolgarla Family Area, Fraser Circle, Wadjuk Carpark and Forrest Carpark, and returned to e-scooter parking zones anywhere in the Park or within the City of Perth.

The Western Australian Botanic Garden, Bushland areas and busier Parkland areas fall in geofenced no-go zones but all cycling paths and some pedestrian paths are accessible to users. A map of permitted zones will be available on the e-scooter provider apps once the expanded scheme is launched.

More information about the broader scheme can be found on the City of Perth website.