Sport and fitness

We welcome visitors wanting to participate in healthy activities in the park.

An application is required for organised groups, including clubs, schools or not for profit organisations, undertaking activities such as cross-country events, fun runs, orienteering, personal fitness training, group cycling, yoga and movement classes. 

There are a number of tracks and lawn areas suitable for sporting events, fitness activites and outdoor recreation. Approved areas are:

  • Poolgarla Parkland
  • Saw Avenue Lawn East
  • Broadwalk Vista
  • Fraser Avenue Lawn North (available October to April)
  • Exhibition Ground (after 3pm)
  • Approved roads and tracks are available on request. Discuss your requirements with the Bookings Officer. 

A booking is not required for individuals to participate in recreational activities such as jogging, walking or cycling.

To check availability and make a booking, or if you would like to discuss your requirements, please contact our Bookings Office


Organisers are required to abide by the Terms and conditions and a number of requirements apply specifically to these activities:

  • Participants must keep to booked areas and/or approved routes. Do not go off tracks. 
  • Do not use memorials, trees and other park infrastructure such as park benches.
  • Course markers must be free standing and placed at the edge of designated tracks. Ground marking is not permitted. 
  • All equipment is to be free standing and cannot be staked into the ground. The use of fitness equipment is subject to written approval. Equipment such as bench presses, rowing machines, ropes, steppers, or weight bars are not permitted. Dragging equipment over turf is not permitted. 
  • Organisers must include with their application a fist aid certificate for the nominated first aid officer and a certificate of currency for publc liability. 


For sporting events and activities including (but not limited to) cross country, fun runs and orienteering, a maximum time of four hours applies. Fees apply for up to four hours or any part thereof as follows:

  • 1-50 participants - $100
  • 51-100 participants - $250
  • 101-150 participants - $300
  • 151-200 participants - $350
  • 201-250 participants - $500

Personal training and group fitness sessions are charged in blocks as follows:

  • 1-10 participants - five by one hour sessions - $100
  • 11-25 participants - four by one hour session - $100

All fees include GST and a non-refundable fee of $80 applies.