New grevillea celebrates 150 years

A colourful new Kings Park hybrid grevillea hit Perth nurseries in June in celebration of 150 years of the protection of Kings Park.

Pink grevillea hybrid ‘Boorloo Moon’ is named for the wonder of a full moon rising over Boorloo (Perth City) as viewed from Mount Eliza.

The imminent arrival of ‘Boorloo Moon’ was announced by Minister of Environment Hon. Reece Whitby in 2022 to recognise 150 years since the park gained legal protection as a reserve.

The grevillea is a result of eleven years of breeding by the Kings Park Plant Development team.

Senior Plant Breeder Digby Growns said the masses of pink toothbrush flowers would quickly make the new grevillea hybrid a garden hit.

'Boorloo Moon is bird-attracting and flowers throughout the year, providing food and habitat for urban fauna. It makes for an excellent home garden or broader landscape choice as it is naturally compact and hardy.

'The Kings Park breeding program is an important part of ‘conservation horticulture’. By breeding plants that are longer flowering and tough in our warming climate, we can encourage home gardeners, councils and landscapers to choose water wise native plants for the benefit of our environment.

'I’m proud our team can contribute to the conservation of unique WA species.'

Perth’s number one tourism destination marked its sesquicentennial on 1 October 2022.

‘Boorloo Moon’ is available to purchase from Perth nurseries.