Perth joins WA EV Network with launch of Kings Park fast charger

Kings Park’s first EV fast charger is now operational. The new EV charging site links Perth to regional towns along the WA EV Network, which is one of the longest EV networks in the world and the largest in Australia.

The EV charging site, located on May Drive opposite Zamia Café, has a 150 kilowatt charger allowing drivers to top up their EVs in about 20 minutes and a back-up 7.6 kW charger.

Minster for Environment Reece Whitby said it was an important part of steering WA towards a clean energy future.

'Kings Park is the centrepiece of our city, with about 6 million visitors each year. It’s the perfect location for the WA EV Network fast charger, connecting metropolitan Perth to regional Western Australia.'

The installation of the EV fast charger was delivered by the Botanic Gardens and Parks Authority in collaboration with Synergy over a period of a year.

BGPA Executive Director Alan Barrett said the installation of the EV fast charger was another step forward in the implementation of Kings Park’s 2022 Movement Network Strategy.

'We were delighted to work with Synergy to bring this charger to a location that is convenient for visitors travelling within Kings Park,' he said.

'BGPA is continually working with partners and Government to deliver on new sustainable transport modes.

'This year has also seen great strides from collaboration with City of Perth, with the E-scooter Share Scheme successfully expanded within Kings Park in March and our ongoing support of the Kings Park Road Shared Path development.'