Fluorescence imaging of cryopreserved Loxocarya cinerea shoot tips. Green indicates living tissue and blue, dead tissue. Photo: B. Funnekotter.View image slideshow

Project title: Advanced cryobanking for propagation-recalcitrant and critically endangered plant species.

Dates: 2009 - 2017

Funding: Australian Research Council (ARC) Linkage Projects schemes

Location: Biodiversity Conservation Centre (Kings Park)

Research themes

  • rare species conservation
  • south-west Western Australian species
  • cryopreservation
  • tissue culture
  • plant physiology
  • plant metabolomics

Project description

This project will advance methods for the repatriation of recalcitrant/threatened plant species to post-mined sites to achieve best practice ecological restoration in areas of high biodiversity. In particular, the nature of freezing and dehydration damage to cell membranes at various stages of tissue culture and cryopreservation will be investigated to try to minimise its deleterious effects.

In addition, metabolic changes that affect cryogenic survival will be assessed to provide further insight into the role of oxidative stress and the toxicity of cryopreservation processes. Ultimately improved cryogenic protocols will be developed to maintain the integrity of long-term cryobanks of key species for post-mining ecological restoration.

Key staff

Prof Ricardo Mancera (Curtin University), Prof Gary Bryant (RMIT), Dr Shane Turner (BGPA) and Dr Eric Bunn (BGPA)


Dr Bryn Funnekotter (Curtin University), Dr Anja Kaczmarczyk (Curtin University), Keran Keys (BGPA)


Bryn Funnekotter (PhD; Curtin University 2011-2015) The Role of Oxidative Stress in Successful Cryopreservation of South-west Western Australian Plant Species.

Michael Cahill (Hons; Curtin University 2015) Extraction of mitochondrial DNA from three Australian plant species assessing DNase1 and Percoll gradient purification protocols.

Sharon Fletcher (Hons; Curtin University 2014) Extraction and sequencing of plastid genome (cpDNA) of potential value for determining post-cryopreservation genetic integrity.

Anamika Sortey (Hons; Curtin University 2013) Influence of abiotic stress factors during preconditioning on post-cryogenic survival, antioxidant enzymes and electrolyte leakage in Lomandra sonderi.

Akshay Menon (Hons; Curtin University 2011) Enhanced cryogenic tolerance by cold acclimation as a means of conserving endangered native Australian species.

Bryn Funnekotter (Hons; Curtin University 2010) Factors Affecting Post-cryogenic Survival of Plant Shoot Tips.


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Regenerating shoot tips of Anigozanthos viridis after cryopreservation. Photo: B. Funnekotter.

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