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Research Scientist and Laboratory Manager (Conservation Genetics)
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Research themes

  • Conservation and Restoration Genetics
  • Pollen and Seed dispersal
  • Orchid biology
  • Weed biology and control
  • Genetic consequences of threatened species

Academic background

  • 2003 Doctor of Philosophy in Plant Science at University of Western Australia, entitled 'Somatic Embryogenesis in the Western Australian Epacridaceae'. 
  • 1998 Bachelor of Science (Hons; Environmental Biology) at Curtin University.
  • 1996 Bachelor of Science (Biology) at Curtin University.
  • 1981 Diploma of Nursing at Western Australian School of Nursing.

Major projects


  • The evolution and conservation consequences of promiscuity in plants pollinated by vertebrates. ARC Discovery grant. Collaborators: Prof Stephen Hopper (UWA), Dr Ryan Phillips (ANU), Dr Dave Roberts (UWA), Dr Siegy Krauss (BGPA/UWA)
  • Ecological and genetic connectivity in seagrasses: the role of sexual reproduction, dispersal and recruitment on meadow restoration. ARC linkage project. Collaborators: Prof Gary Kendrick (UWA), Dr Liz Sinclair (UWA/BGPA), Dr Siegy Krauss (BGPA/UWA)
  • Conservation of Philotheca basistyla a Western Australian wheatbelt declared rare flora. Collaborator: Dr Eric Bunn (BGPA)


  • Population genetic variation and its spatial structure in Tetratheca erubescens (Elaeocarpaceae). Collaborator: Dr Siegy Krauss (BGPA). Cliffs Natural Resources.
  • Development of Drakaea glyptodon microsatellite primers and their consequent use in the evolution of sexually deceptive orchids. Collaborators: RD Phillips, B Bohman, SK Krauss, KD Dixon and R Peakall.
  • Cross transfer of Drakaea glyptodon primers to D. elastica with the aim to examine the link between ecological, genetic and chemical analysis with specific pollinators. Collaborators: Dr Myles Menz, Dr Björn Bohman, Dr KD Dixon and Dr R Peakall.
  • Population genetics of DRF Ricinocarpos brevis. Cliffs Natural Resources. Collaborator: Dr Siegy Krauss (BGPA).
  • DNA ploidy variation and distribution in the Lepidosperma costale complex (Cyperaceae): implications for conservation and restoration in a biodiversity hotspot. Collaborator: M. Wallace.
  • Developing effective methods for in vitro propagation and cryo-storage of the declared rare plant Tetratheca paynterae.
  • Assisting Dr Matt Barrett in a research project on practical outcomes for the ex situ and in situ conservation restoration and translocation of the DRFs Darwinia masonii and Lepidosperma sp.
  • I have completed two years research focussing on developing a management plan for two declared rare flora Centrolepis caespitosa and Eleocharis keigheryi. The research encompassed seed studies (including germination stimulants), propagation methods, genetic diversity using AFLP molecular markers, and translocation proposals for both these species. This project was commissioned by the Department of Defence.

Selected publications

  • Anthony JM, Rokich D and Dixon KW (in prep). Optimising conservation of Centrolepis caespitosa D.A. Cooke.
  • Phillips RD, Bohman B, Anthony JM, Krauss SL, Dixon KW and Peakall R (2015) Mismatch in the distribution of floral ecotypes and pollinators: insights into the evolution of sexually deceptive orchids. Journal of Evolutionary Biology,28: 201-212.
  • Menz MHM, Phillips, RD, Anthony JM, Bohman B, Dixon KW and Peakall R (2015). Ecological and genetic evidence for cryptic ecotypes in a rare sexually deceptive orchid, Drakaea elastica. Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society 177, 124-140.
  • Barrett MD, Wallace MJ and Anthony JM (2011). Characterization and cross amplification of novel microsatellite markers for a rare sedge, Lepidosperma gibsonii (Cyperaceae). American Journal of Botany, 99: 14-16.
  • Anthony JM, Phillips RD, Sinclair EA and Dixon KW. (2010). Characterisation of polymorphic microsatellite markers isolated from Drakaea glyptodon Fitz. (Orchidaceae). Conservation Genetic Resources. 2: 291-294.
  • Anthony JM, Senaratna T, Dixon KW and Sivasithamparam K (2004). The role of antioxidants for initiation of somatic embryos with Conostephium pendulum Benth. (Ericaceae). Plant Cell Tissue and Organ Culture, 78:247-252.
  • Anthony JM, Senaratna T, Dixon KW and Sivasithamparam K (2004). Somatic embryogenesis for mass propagation of Ericaceae- a case study with Leucopogon verticillatus. Plant Cell Tissue and Organ Culture. 76:137-146.
  • Anthony J, Fox JED and Barrett DR (1993). Environmental effects on early growth of Santalum album L. with particular reference to shade regimes. Santalum. 13:29-47.
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