Conostylis candicans

Grey Cottonhead

The bright yellow flowers of Conostylis candicans are a spring delight, popping up with terminal heads that brightly contrast against its grey foliage.

The Grey Cottonhead thrives in salty, windy coastal environments. It is a hardy plant which, once established, can withstand periods of drought and thrive well in home gardens.

With a compact habit to 0.4 m by 0.4 m, this Conostylis can last in your garden for several years.

Grow it at home

  • Best planted in the cooler autumn and winter months
  • Plant in full sun, in free draining soil, applying a slow release native fertiliser at the time of planting
  • Once the flowers are spent, they can be removed along with any dying foliage to allow the plant to keep its vigour

Conostylis candicans is a great addition to a mixed native planting for its foliage texture and pops of colour. It also looks effective planted as a border, or en masse to create a grassland appearance, and is suitable for growing in a large pot.

Find it in Kings Park

Enjoy this spring colour in the Wadjuk Car Park surrounds, Aspects Mound, Western Australian Botanic Garden entrance beds, May Drive Parkland and Poolgarla Family Area.

Out in the wild

In its natural habitat, Conostylis candicans can be found in the Coastal Sandplains between Shark Bay to the north and Albany to the south.

Find it in nurseries

Kings Park Favourites are produced in partnership with Domus Nursery and are available for purchase in retail garden centres and hardware stores throughout WA.

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