Hakea laurina

Pincushion Hakea

With a flower like this, of course this little beauty is going to get some attention!

Hakea laurina is an appealing erect shrub or small tree that grows to a maximum height of 6 metres with quite dense olive-green foliage, making it a suitable home garden addition as a screen plant. The flower’s likeness to a pincushion is unmistakable with its cream styles (the pins) emerging from a deep pink/red perianth (the cushion). These striking flowers grow up to 5 cm across and are present in clusters of up to 10 from late April until August, providing an attractive display and attracting nectar feeding birds to the garden.

Grow it at home

  • Easily grown from seed without any pre-treatment
  • Tolerant to a range of soil conditions provided they are well-drained
  • Hardy and drought tolerant, once established

Find it in Kings Park

See this beautiful specimen for yourself in the Grevillea and Hakea Garden, May Drive Parkland and Poolgarla Family Area.

Out in the wild

The Pincushion Hakea is naturally distributed along the southwest coast of Western Australia, from Wagin south to Denmark and east to Israelite Bay.

Find it in nurseries

Kings Park Favourites are produced in partnership with Domus Nursery and are available for purchase in retail garden centres and hardware stores throughout WA.

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